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Flowers Flowers Flowers! 

Photo by Jennifer Picard

As we enter into the beginning of the 2017 wedding season this will be our fourth season of offering floral and design services to our Coastal Weddings clients on the Sunshine Coast and we are so excited! 

I have been busy over the winter planning out our cutting garden and my goal is to include at least something from the garden in each wedding design this year. I will try to keep some posts over the busy months to let you know how we are doing and lots of bouquet posts on our instagram feed 🙂 

Check it out here:

Floral Design at Coastal Weddings was born from the close connection we have with our clients and a bride who after her wedding told me “I wish you could have designed my flowers as well”. Great idea!! and I dove right in, signing up for an online floral design course and then following it up with as many design and floral classes as I could squeeze in! You can certainly say I have caught the floral bug 😉 

Over the course of a design with my clients we chat, create a plan, share pin boards, text photos back and forth to perfect the wedding design. This conversation over the weeks and months of working together really is the key to a design plan that is exactly what our couples are looking for. In the days and months leading up to a wedding our clients know that every linen, vase, chair and floral stem that goes into the day was personally hand selected by us. It is then brought to the wedding by your Coastal Weddings planner and set up – just the way you have pictured it in your head!

We have since expanded by growing a selection of foliage and flowers to add some local and seasonal elements to our designs, added a larger cooler space and this year we will plant even more flowers. Looking forward to 2017, if you are looking for florals for your 2017 / 2018 wedding on the Sunshine Coast feel free to inquire.


Coastal Weddings and Events 2015 Year in Review

Wow – we are now through our fifth year here at Coastal Weddings! This is the first year we exclusively stayed here on the Sunshine Coast, only planning weddings here at home and once again planned more weddings than ever before – many thanks to our amazing clients, we could not have done it without you!

Huge congrats to all our couples from 2015 and to all our past clients who have welcomed new adorable additions to their families!

This year we added our onsite event trailer, more chairs, tables, and many more linen options. We also added to our large vase collections and of course lots of little pretty details like chalkboards and signs.

With increasing demand for our floral and design services and commitment to use local products the Coastal Weddings Cutting garden was born. Although starting out small and very water dependant we are going to “grow” it by quite a bit this year! When you order your flowers you know that at least some of the florals in your bouquets and centerpieces come directly from the coast.

This year there were many challenges and despite the extreme drought we faced we had the rainiest wedding season we have ever had.

Our all-inclusive packages have become popular, and we have loved working with all the vacation rentals for some really small and unique weddings including the first ever ceremony at Dakota Ridge!

Some of the highlights of 2015 were:
– The first wedding at Dakota Ridge
– Taking some Chicago wedding guests from the Pointhouse out to Sergeants Bay to catch some fresh crabs
– Rowing a bride and groom out to a small island for that perfect shot.
– Hiking into Smugglers Cove for an adventurous elopement!

Huge shout out to the amazing photographers that push the boundaries and showcase the amazing Sunshine Coast to the world and enable us to show our work in a way that we would never be able to!

Happily we were able to contribute to the Sunshine Coast Community donating to the following events:
– Decor, flowers and the Photobooth to the Grow the Garden Gala raising funds for the Sunshine Coast Botanical Garden
– Donation of the Photobooth to the Sunshine Coast Blues Minor Hockey Coaches vs. Midget A team and Mom’s night fundraiser
– Donation of decor and photobooth to the Wine and Taste event for the Sechelt Chamber of Commerce
– Sponsoring the Gala Fundraiser for the Gibsons Public Market with decorations for the event

As we usher in 2016 we are looking forward to weddings at The Pointhouse, Painted Boat Resort, Rockwater Resort, The West Coast Wilderness Lodge the Botanical Garden, Roberts Creek Hall and of course private homes and vacation rentals.

2016 is going to be another wedding and event filled year for us! We are excited to work with new clients, new brides, and expand our relationships with new and existing Wedding and Event Professionals.

About the wedding planners at Coastal Weddings!


At Coastal Weddings the core of our business is Family, and what an amazing way to celebrate that is with joining together of families at a wedding. Whether the families are just meeting for the first time or have known each other for years the celebration of a wedding is something unlike any other day.

Love and Family is what supports and surrounds us, grounds us and guides us. It is the beauty of people coming together in love on such a unique and special day to further grow our families together that makes a wedding such a fantastic event!

While we focus on weddings, we are also happy to help with family reunions, milestone birthdays, graduation ceremonies and anything else you want to celebrate!

The foundation of Coastal Weddings started well before we were established in 2010, but its roots here on the coast started long before that. Born and raised on the Coast, Melissa has been well known to be involved in anything to do with events since her early teens and throughout her 10 plus year career in event management in Vancouver.   Coastal Weddings owner Melissa married her high school sweetheart at his West Sechelt family home in 2006 at what is still the largest wedding she has planned to date! In 2008 when their son Owen was three months old they moved back to the Sunshine Coast and chose Halfmoon Bay to call their home and raise their family.  In 2013 they grew by one more when Jeremiah joined their family.

We are blessed to call Sunshine Coast home and even though we grew up here are still finding new spots and fun places to have weddings and wedding ceremonies all the time.

Both Melissa and Coastal Weddings Planner Kori are still busy planning, researching and thinking about the weddings of next summer in the off season they keep themselves busy with Hockey Season and instead of spending most Saturdays at weddings they can often be found at the arena cheering on their boys (Kori being the louder of the two!)

Five fun ideas for your wedding day on the Sunshine Coast, BC

Weddings are for making memories, for the bridal couple and the members of their wedding party. If you are getting married on the coast, here are our most popular suggestions to stay calm and relaxed before the wedding:

1. Walk the greens. Golf is always a safe bet for a group activity – whether you’re all serious about the game or just enjoy a bit of pitch and putt. There are three courses here on the coast:
– Pender Harbour Golf Course, which is convenient for weddings held in Egmont and Madeira Park or Pender Harbour (West Coast Wilderness Lodge, Painted Boat Resort and Rockwater Secret Cove Resort). Information:
– Sechelt Golf Course, which is ideal for Sechelt and Halfmoon Bay area weddings (Rockwater Secret Cove Resort, Seaside Centre, Sunshine Coast Botanical Garden). Information:
– Sunshine Coast Golf Course, which is close to Roberts Creek and Gibsons area weddings (Roberts Creek Golf Course, Gibsons Public Market, Roberts Creek Hall, Chaster House, YMCA Langdale). Information:

2. Burn off that nervous energy. Coastal Weddings planners Kori and Melissa both spend many hours getting ready for wedding season at Valhalla, their favourite gym. Have some laughs and gear up for the big day with a private coaching boot camp session. Get more details:

3. Tune in, chill out, shape up. Yoga is a popular option for bridal parties, especially if you want an activity for the entire wedding party. Book an instructor lead a private class or join in on a class at a local Yoga studio. Information:

4. Catch some waves. Depending where you are getting married there are some awesome kayak rental companies. Head out on the water for a few hours – just make sure to watch the clock, wear life jackets, and head back in PLENTY of time. Many of these companies also rent stand-up paddle boards and canoes if your group prefers. Here are some we recommend: ; ;

5. Go fishing. The Sunshine Coast is a great fishing destination for avid sports fishermen and those just looking to cast a line to see what they can get. And who knows what new stories you might have to share at the reception?! Go early, wear LOTS of sunscreen, and be warned that you may be hooked for life. Check out: and

Local Sunshine Coast Wedding Favors!

This is fantastic news!! We love Modern Hippie Housewife and we also love weddings favors that do not end up in the garbage as well as anything made locally on the Sunshine Coast so this is the perfect combination! I adore the lip balms and will definitely be adding some to the wedding kits for this season! Click on the picture to learn more.

modern hippie

Happy Planning!

Sunshine Coast Wedding Proposal

The stunning Sunshine Coast is a special getaway spot for Brian Owens and Jenn McDonald, but when the Vancouver  retail salesman decided it was the ideal setting for him to pop the question last February he needed a little help with logistics.

“I figured there’s got to be a planner, an event planner who could help me to propose there. I just kind of Googled it,” says Brian, 36, explaining how he found Coastal Weddings & Events to help him with his elaborate plan. He says as soon as he talked with owner Melissa and planner Kori he knew they were the right ones to help him.

“They were excited to be a part of it and they were amazing. For me the fact they really wanted to contribute and really wanted to make it what I wanted it to be was not only comforting, it was reassuring because no one else knew the details.”

Brian met Jenn at an engagement party for friends and says it was an instant connection: “It didn’t take too long to fall in love and then in Christmas 2012, our first Christmas together, she got me a gift of a weekend away on the Sunshine Coast.”

Their romantic weekend in Sechelt was so relaxing and beautiful they decided to limit presents for Christmas 2013 so they could go away for a weekend again. Brian talked with the Coastal Wedding & Events team to brainstorm a romantic place to propose and one in particular struck him as ideal.

Photos by Michelle Crosby Photography

“A gazebo at Gibson’s Landing. It was the perfect idea because we had actually gone there on one of our dates on the Sunshine Coast,” says Brian, adding that he had kept a photo of that very spot as the screensaver on his computer since that weekend getaway in 2012.

Melissa, who has worked as an events planner for more than a decade, says Brian’s event was particularly fun to plan.

“We had not done a proposal before! We would love to do more,” she enthuses. “We love planning all the details so everything runs smoothly and after finding the perfect location our challenges were that February on the Sunshine Coast is freezing and it gets dark so early in winter.”

Brian connected with Melissa and Kori by phone and email, working out all the details. Reservations were made at a beautiful Sunshine Coast B&B, plans put into place to improve the ambience of the gazebo on the pier, and a chef hired to prepare a post-proposal meal for the couple back at their B&B.

Months earlier, for Jenn’s birthday, Brian had given her a wine fridge stocked with four bottles of wine and two bottles of champagne. Each bottle had a note attached to it designating it for a special occasion.

“They were for a romantic dinner, another romantic dinner, a weekend away, our anniversary, New Year’s Eve, and a very special occasion,” explains Brian. “The very special occasion one – everyone figured out pretty quickly that was a proposal.”

Brian had to figure out how to get that special occasion bottle to the Sunshine Coast without Jenn noticing. Fortunately he was able to get it to a Sunshine Coast vendor who was at a Lower Mainland wedding show and could transport it over to Melissa and her team.

“They made everything happen. I came to Coastal Weddings & Events with the base idea, but they helped me figure out exactly how to do it and they facilitated everything. All I really had to do was show up at the right place at the right time,” says Brian.

As for the unsuspecting fiancée-to-be, she was hoping that the weekend on the Sunshine Coast would prove to be the night for the special occasion bottle.

“Once we got to the B&B I was hunting for this bottle of champagne, but I couldn’t find it and I was disappointed. I guessed I was getting ahead of myself and was convinced I had it totally wrong,” says Jenn, 30, who works for EA Sports as a Production Coordinator for the sports label. She confesses she was being a bit sulky when they drove over to Gibson’s. “We even bickered in car about parking just five minutes before.”

Night had fallen and they saw lights down at the foot of the pier, but Jenn didn’t think much of it because they had never been there at night.

“As we got closer I was like, Brian, I think we’re walking in on something. And he said, well you are – and the lights came on brighter, a violinist started playing, and a photographer started taking pictures.”

Melissa says she and her team felt honoured to be involved in such a special moment.


“The best part was Jenn’s reaction, for sure, when she realized what was happening. Such a mix of surprise, wonder, and joy,” says Melissa.


The couple walked to the gazebo at the end of the pier, which the Coastal Events team had strung with fairy lights and staged with lanterns, a cloth-covered table, flowers, a bench with a warm blanket ready, chocolate covered strawberries – and of course the special occasion bottle and glasses.

“He takes my hands and he’s facing me and he’s shaking a little bit as he launches into his speech. I think it’s the first time he’s ever used my full name. Then he gets down on one knee with the ring box and opens it up and asks me if I would marry him.

“There was what felt like a really long pause – I like to think I was thinking of something clever to say – but I was just crying and managed to choke out yes. I think I said it three or four times and he put ring on my finger – we kissed, all that mushy stuff.”

They danced out under the night sky by the edge of the water in the gazebo lit by flickering lights.

“I wanted romantic music and the violinist played, ‘Can’t help falling in love’ while we danced,” remembers Brian. “It was so beautiful on the violin; very sweet and romantic.”

As they sat wrapped in the warm blanket and toasted their engagement, Brian told Jenn they weren’t going to a local bistro for dinner but would return to their cottage at the B&B to enjoy a meal prepared by a private chef.

“At the B&B there were candles, flowers, rose petals, cookies with our names on them – the whole nine yards,” says Jenn. “The owners of the B&B were in on it and the guests in the other cottage had known about it.”

Most of all she appreciated that her fiancé went all out to propose to her because Brian was married before.

“Especially for someone who it’s a second marriage you don’t necessarily expect them to be that excited. He took it to heart that this is my first marriage.”

Brian says the proposal was everything he wanted it to be: “I really wanted something very special for her. It’s a once in a lifetime event, and I wanted it to be something she would love telling stories about. I wanted to have her completely blown away, for her to have her princess moment and feel like she was the most important person in the world. I think it worked.”

The happy couple plans to wed in Pitt Meadows in the summer of 2015, but definitely plan to return to the Sunshine Coast.

“We want to make it a regular thing to go to the Sunshine Coast. I mean, it’s gorgeous and it’s unbelievably relaxing to take two nights, sit in hot tub, and look out over the water,” says Brian. “We have kind of a connection with it now. We are hoping we can go back every year.”

Celebrity Bridesmaid Dresses

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Looking back 2014 was another amazing year at Coastal Weddings. The people we met, the weddings we were trusted with helping to plan – I feel truly blessed. Being immersed in intimate celebrations we quickly develop a relationship with your clients. When they walk down the aisle it is impossible not to feel incredibly proud for the help that we have been able to give to the couples on this such important day.

In 2014 we had some amazing weddings and firsts for us, a very special wedding on Thormanby Island, the largest wedding we have done to date, our first same sex wedding, the first wedding at the new Gibsons Public Market and being a part of some weddings of people and friends that I have known for a very long time. We also had our longest season with weddings from April through October and have been working on more intimate weddings with our new all inclusive wedding packages for small weddings and elopements.

Some of our favorite moments of 2014 (In no particular order)

– Arrival of Suzie by floatplane
– Watching Alex and her dad’s father daughter dance turn into a family dance party (and they were so good you knew they had done it before!)
– Arriving with crutches to the resort the next day and hearing everyone give us a little cheer
– Finding the perfect chandelier for Desiree
– Coordinating the first wedding at the New Gibsons Public market

And our course hearing about our new little ones from our past couples!

In 2015 we are making a few small changes, we will no longer be planning weddings in Vancouver. We love the Sunshine Coast, the vendors, venues and all that there here is on the coast. We are happy to stay here on the coast all summer, serving couples getting married on the Sunshine Coast – still including Powell River of course!

Happily we were able to contribute to the Sunshine Coast Community donating to the following events:

–  Decor, flowers and the Photobooth to the Grow the Garden Gala raising funds for the Sunshine Coast Botanical Garden
– Donation of the Photobooth to the Cops for Cancer Gala
– Donation of decor and photobooth to the Wine and Taste event for the Sechelt Chamber of Commerce
– Sponsoring the fist annual Cornucopia event for the Gibsons Public Market with decorations for the event

Looking back it was a fantastic year, and could not have happened without our amazing clients, fabulous vendors from here on the coast and the Coastal Weddings staff and of course our families.

We are very excited about 2015 and can’t wait to see what it will bring! If you are thinking about your upcoming wedding and want to chat, lets go for coffee or chat on the phone! Consultations are always free – I would love to hear about your plans and we would love to help however we can.



Real Coastal Weddings – Danica and Derek New Years Eve Wedding at the YMCA Langdale

This time last year we were busy preparing for a very special New Years Eve Wedding. I love New Years weddings, they have such a great energy and what a fantastic day to have an anniversary!

A wedding on New Years Eve has a certain theme built right into it, but throw in a camp setting and a giant lit fireplace together and we were very excited to pull together all the elements! The bride and groom wanted to bring the theme of time and New years into the wedding but with a natural and eclectic look – with very little plastic! Using white linens, we added slices of a locally fallen trees and added in cranberry colored blooms with local greens. We scoured vintage shops fora few perfect vintage clocks to add to the decor to go with an amazing collection from the brides family friend. Clocks were on the tables as part of the centerpieces to add to the time theme, welcoming people at the welcome table and hanging behind the head table in an open backdrop. The couple added thier own bits of DIY elements with a cake topper talking about thier professions and ceremony programs in kraft card stock.

The ceremony was at a camp wich added the perfect amount of charm. The ceremony was in the “rec hall” and the 8 foot long by 1 foot wide mantle we stuffed with as many candles as it would hold as well as lit the fire below.

Just before midnight guests were allowed to open a chevron printed kraft bag from each place setting that had a mini champagne bottle confetti Poppers and midnight kiss mints to help ring in the new year!

We were able to source cranberry colored Peonies as they are the brides favorite flower and had one for each table and a few for her boquet. When the clock struck midnight out come some more vintage props for the photobooth and some noisemakers to keep the party going well into the night!

Photographer: Blush Photography
Salon: Creekside Salon
Wedding Planning and Decor: Coastal Weddings
Florals: Coastal Weddings and June Bug Floral
Venue: YMCA Langdale


Inspirations Wedding Fair

Coastal Weddings is very excited to be producing the third annual Inspirations Bridal Show on January 17th in Sechelt. If you are getting married this is a show you do not want to miss!

More details here:

and here

See you at the show!

Vendor Spotlight – Trugs Gourmet Wedding Favors

I was speaking to the new owners of a little company that originated not far from us here in Halfmoon Bay. They have the most wonderful dressings, jams and jelly’s that are perfect for wedding favors! Catherine the owner was nice enough to tell us a bit about herself!

1. Tell us a little about Trugs and how it all came to be?

Trugs was started in 2007 by a lovely retired couple in Halfmoon Bay.  They made some of their favourite jams and vinaigrettes as a hobby and sold them at the local farmers market.  They worked hard to grow the business and in 2013, decided that they wanted to get back to retirement life, so they sold the business to me.   I was looking to do something more entrepreneurial with my life, and I loved the Trugs products so much that it was a great match.  I live in Horseshoe Bay so I had to move the business to the mainland, and have been working to expand the business into new areas ever since.

2. What is your favorite part about helping with wedding favors?

I love weddings!!  It’s great to think about our products helping to make a couple’s big day special.  There’s is also such an abundance of wedding favours out there that aren’t particularly useful, and are of questionable value at the end of the day.  Giving someone food is a gift that you know everyone will be able to use and enjoy. 

3. What is your favorite Sunshine Coast beach?

That would have to be Davis Bay beach.  It’s so beautiful, has great sand and lots of sun.  


Well I have to agree with Davis Bay being one of my favorites as well as I grew up right down the street from there!

More info about Trugs can be found here:


trugs2 satin wedding dresses trugs3