Our Team

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Coastal Weddings and Events was founded by Melissa Tripp after returning to the community where her and her husband grew up after a successful career in the event industry in Vancouver.

Melissa is known for her kind heartedness, complete devotion to her clients and calm and organized demeanor. Melissa has been planning events for over 14 years with a wide variety of experiences that range from weddings, multi day conferences, gala dinners, sporting events, community celebrations, christmas parties, real estate openings, tours, reunions, family / childrens events, magic shows, meetings, fundraisers and of course weddings.

About Melissa, Wedding planner, Designer and Owner of Coastal Weddings 

What is your favourite part about your job?

Well, I love my job – all of it from scouting out beach locations and looking out at the water and imagining a perfect wedding take place to listening to brides tell me all about their vision and then sitting down and putting that all into a plan. Then of course the amazing day itself and seeing all the pieces come together and finally seeing that gorgeous bride walk down the aisle and listening to the wedding ceremony often complete with waves in the background … I still tear up at every ceremony!

Your favourite Sunshine Coast beach?

That would have to be Wakefield Beach, the beach that my husband and I used to go to as teenagers, where he proposed to me and where we had our wedding.

Your dream vacation spot?

I would love to go to Africa someday! I also love Hawaii and can’t wait to see more of it.

What food do you just love?

Anything with Chocolate or Balsamic Vinegar … mmm

Favourite part of a wedding?

The moment when everything is ready and I walk up and look a bride standing there with their dad or mom and I look at them to see if she is ready and just look on her face tells me the answer is yes!  Such a special moment just thinking of everything that is to come!

When I started Coastal Wedding and I knew that I needed great people to help me I right away thought of Kori. Kori is a born planner and since I first met her she has not only put on the best parties but great events in the community as well. I was very lucky when she agreed to come on as a part of our team!

About Kori, Wedding Planner 

What is your favourite part about your job?

Everything!!! I get to meet great people, work in beautiful locations, and help create the perfect day!

Tell us a bit about Kori?

I have lived on the Coast for 11 years, I have been married for 8 years and have 2 kids. We too where married on the coast on our property. I enjoy running (at Davis Bay) and Zumba!
Your favourite Sunshine Coast beach?

Roberts Creek Beach. We discovered it on our Wedding day. Our Photographer took us there for pictures and it was low tide and we where shocked that we had this beautiful beach minutes from our home. We had only been down there at high tide and there was nothing there.
Your dream vacation spot?

For our 10 year Anniversary we are planning to take our kids to Disneyland. If you had asked me 5 years ago the answer would have been completely different but I have to say I am really excited.
Favourite food?

Chicken Souvlaki meal at Daphne Restaurant. They make the BEST roasted potatoes! Really anything Greek.
The best moment of a wedding?

When the bride and groom are announced as Mr and Mrs. The happiness you see on their faces, the cheers from the family and friends, that is the best moment.
Other faces you might see at a Coastal Wedding are:
Ben, our Photo Booth expert – he will have all your guests through the photo booth and putting their pics into your guestbook and laughing the whole time! He will also work with you in advance of your wedding to custom make photo strip background.
Amanda, Jennider, Peggy and Shannon, our decor set up specialists – they can always make a chair cover and sash look great on any chair or put up a backdrop in a flash!
Makayla, our rental organizer – spending time every week in the studio making sure all our pretty things are back clean and where they are supposed to be for the next weekend. Makayla is also a wedding assistant.
Plus many others that have helped us create beautiful memories at Coastal Weddings, we of course could not do it without all of them!

We look forward to helping you with your next wedding or event!